Adarsh Kumar


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Adarsh Kumar is working on a project concerning sugars derived furfurals up-gradation to sustainable aviation fuel. Kumar’s research responsibilities include overseeing catalyst design and synthesis to minimize/replace the use of noble metals with catalyst characterizations data analysis; activity investigation of developed catalysts for hydrogenation, aldol-condensation, and hydrodeoxygenation chemistry in high-temperature-high-pressure reactors; and analysis of reaction products using GC-FID, GC-MS, 2DGC-MS-FID, HPLC and NMR. Additional responsibilities include managing and maintaining various scientific instruments, coming up with new research ideas, helping with funding proposals, mentoring interns, and writing scientific findings in the form of reports/papers.

Research Interests

Heterogenous catalysis

Sustainable aviation fuel

Biomass lignin and waste valorization




Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Researcher, Washington State University (2021–2023)

Education/Academic Qualification

PhD, Chemical Science, CSIR - Indian Institute of Petroleum