Personal Profile

Adival Magri serves as senior technical advisor, project manager, and researcher at NREL. His research focuses on the application of clean energy solutions in strategic planning and design for transportation terminals; infrastructure expansions incorporating vehicle electrification; and efficient energy generation, management, and integration with airport infrastructure.        

Magri has worldwide experience working with federal government and civil aviation agencies, airport technology, airports, and airlines. He is inspired by challenging projects with positive environmental impacts and using innovative clean energy solutions to reduce carbon emissions and set new standards for the industry.

Research Interests

Airport planning and sustainable design

Aviation electrification and energy efficiency

Clean energy solutions applied to transportation infrastructure

Professional Experience

Parsons International, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Jazeera Airways, Kuwait

ON-BLOCK GmbH, Austria

Babcock International Group, Brazil

GRU Airport, Brazil

SITA Aviation Technologies, Brazil

National Civil Aviation Agency, Brazil

Ministry of Civil Aviation, Brazil

Education/Academic Qualification

Master, Airport Infrastructure Engineering, Aeronautical Institute of Technology

Bachelor, Architecture and Urban Planning, Methodist University of Piracicaba

PhD, Architecture Technology, University of Sao Paulo


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