Allen Puente-Urbina


Personal Profile

Allen Puente-Urbina is a chemist with 10+ years of experience working in biomass and bioenergy in the academic, public, and private sectors. Currently, Allen is studying innovative biomass processing strategies toward realistic applications. Allen has published 15+ peer-reviewed research articles, reviewed publications of 10+ specialized journals, and mentored 15+ students.

Research Interests

Biomass conversion

Heterogeneous catalysis

Instrumental analysis 

Professional Experience

Lecturer and Researcher, Costa Rica Institute of Technology (2013–2017) 
Consultant, Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (2014) 
Consultant, Bioenergías de Costa Rica (2011–2014) 

Education/Academic Qualification

PhD, Chemistry, ETH Zurich

Master, Chemistry , University of Costa Rica

Bachelor, Chemistry, University of Costa Rica