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Ashley Berninghaus works on biological organic waste valorization. Berninghaus has experience in anaerobic co-digestion and microbial community analysis from her master's and doctoral degrees at Oregon State University. Previously, Berninghaus worked on catalytic upgrading of pyrolysis vapors as an intern at NREL and on algal biofuels research during her time as an undergraduate researcher at Montana State University. A central theme across her various research experience has been the production of sustainable fuels from wastewater or other organic waste streams. During her graduated work, Berninghaus was awarded the Environmental Research and Education Foundation Scholarship, the Susan E. Stutz McDonald Foundation Scholarship, the Wanda Munn Scholarship, and was a Provost Distinguished Fellowship Recipient. 

Research Interests

Biochemical processes

Anaerobic co-digestion 

Professional Experience

Graduate Research Assistant, Oregon State University (2017–2022) 
Science Undergraduate Laboratory Research Intern, NREL (2016) 
Undergraduate Researcher, Montana State University (2013–2015) 

Education/Academic Qualification

Bachelor, Chemical Engineering, Montana State University

Bachelor, Biological Engineering, Montana State University

PhD, Environmental Engineering, Oregon State University

Master, Environmental Engineering, Oregon State University


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