Marjorie Schott

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Marjorie began working at NREL in 2001. She has been a member of the Commercial Buildings Research Group since 2010. Her role involves workflow analysis, information visualization, and interface design for software tools and Web applications. Collaborating closely with the team and users, she helps to provide a vision for the evolution of software interfaces. Marjorie designs OpenStudio, ParametricAnalysisTool, and the Building Agent application interfaces. She also works on Web applications, including Technology Performance Exchange, Building Component Library, Model Maker, EDAPT, and building data visualization design for Building Agent and the Research Support Facility Dashboard.

Prior to joining NREL, Marjorie worked on scientific and technical design with companies including the University of Denver, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and several biotechnology companies. 

Education/Academic Qualification

Bachelor, Biological Sciences, University of Northern Colorado


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