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Quinn Carvalho joined NREL in July 2022 under the co-advisership of Ann Greenaway and Elisa Miller. His research focuses on fundamental (photo)electrocatalysis, developing structure-property relationships for catalyst architectures to enhance the maturation rate of renewable energy- and commodity-chemical producing technologies. Currently, his work focuses on understanding the role of strain in tuning (photo)electrocatalytic performance of model metal (nitinol) and oxide systems (rutile TiO2), extending understanding from these model systems to enhance the efficiency of current benchmark catalysts. 

Research Interests

Heterogeneous (photo)electrocatalysis

Soft ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron and absorption spectroscopy

Oxygen evolution

Hydrogen evolution

Nitrate reduction

Education/Academic Qualification

Bachelor, Chemical Engineering, Montana State University

PhD, Chemical Engineering, Oregon State University


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