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Sarah Blair joined NREL in December 2022. Her research focuses on identifying degradation mechanisms in proton-exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers during long-term, start/stop durability testing. Applying reference electrode measurement techniques in PEM electrolyzer cells will allow for decoupling anode and cathode degradation mechanisms; and the development of accelerated stress tests for start/stop electrolyzer operation will facilitate the establishment of shutdown mitigation strategies. Sarah brings experience employing in situ characterization techniques toward developing a fundamental understanding of electrode-electrolyte interfaces in order to rationally design sustainable systems that can be coupled to renewable sources of electricity. 

Research Interests

Low-temperature electrolysis

Electrochemical nitrogen reduction

Electrode-electrolyte interfacial structures

Education/Academic Qualification

PhD, Chemical Engineering, Stanford University

Master, Chemical Engineering, Stanford University

Bachelor, Chemical Engineering, University of New Mexico


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