Seth Marder

Seth Marder


Personal Profile

Seth Marder is the director of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, which is a joint institute between the University of Colorado at Boulder and NREL. He is also a professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering Chemistry, a fellow of the Materials Science and Engineering Program at the University of Colorado Boulder, and a senior research fellow at NREL. 

Research Interests

Design, synthesis, and evaluation of polymeric, organic, and organometallic materials for both second-and-third-order nonlinear optical studies and applications

Design of materials for organic light emitting diodes, organic field effect transistors, organic photovoltaics, and dye sensitized solar cell applications

Design and synthesis of infrared absorbing dyes for electronics, photonics, and biological applications

Design and synthesis of electron transfer active molecules

Examination of the photophysical properties of donor-acceptor compounds with extended conjugation

Design and applications of dyes with two-photon and multi-photon absorption

Development of surface modifiers for electronic, thermoelectric, and encapsulation applications

Thermochemical nanolithography

Professional Experience

Georgia Power Chair in Energy Efficiency (2010–2021)

Co-Chair of Gordon Research Conference of Electronic Processes in the Organic Solid State (2014)

Co-Vice Chair of Gordon Research Conference of Electronic Processes in the Organic Solid State (2012)

Co-Founder, Arizona Microsystems LLC

Co-Founder, Focal Point LLC

Co-Founder, LumoFlex LLC

Education/Academic Qualification

Bachelor, Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PhD, Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison


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