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  • 2017

    Biomass Conversion

    Decker, S., Brunecky, R., Wei, H., Chen, X., Sluiter, A., Zhang, M., Magrini, K., Himmel, M., Sheehan, J., Dayton, D., Bozell, J., Adney, W., Aden, A., Hames, B., Thomas, S., Bain, R., Lin, C-Y., Amore, A., Tucker, M. & Czernik, S., 2017, Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology: Thirteenth Edition. Kent, J. A., Bommaraju, T. V. & Barnicki, S. D. (eds.). p. 285-419

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter