An Update to the NREL Baseline Wind Turbine Controller: Preprint

Nikhar Abbas, Alan Wright, Lucy Pao

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


The NREL 5MW wind turbine model is well established as an industry standard and is often used as a comparison model, or a model on which to build upon. Though effective, the legacy controller for the NREL 5MW wind turbine is built on a simple algorithm that is not up to date with many industry standards. Additionally, as the research community has advanced into more fast-paced development cycles, as systems engineering tools such as WISDEM \cite{WISDEM} are employed, and as a greater focus on controls co-design practices is encouraged, a demand for a generic wind turbine controller has arisen. This work presents updates for the NREL 5MW baseline controller to a more modern control architecture, and establishes a generic tuning framework that can be easily adapted to various wind turbines. Based on initial results, the updated generic controller eases the automatic tuning process, while maintaining or improving upon the performance of the legacy NREL 5MW controller.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages17
StatePublished - 2020
EventNAWEA WindTech 2019 - Amherst, Massachusetts
Duration: 14 Oct 201916 Oct 2019


ConferenceNAWEA WindTech 2019
CityAmherst, Massachusetts

Bibliographical note

See NREL/CP-5000-77145 for paper as published in proceedings

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/CP-5000-75433


  • controller
  • reference
  • wind turbine


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