Behind-the-Meter Storage

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This initiative, referred to as Behind-the-Meter Storage (BTMS), will focus on novel critical-materials-free battery technologies to facilitate the integration of electric vehicle (EV) charging, solar power generation technologies, and energy-efficient buildings while minimizing both costs and grid impacts. For extreme fast-charging at levels of 350 kW or higher, novel approaches are required to avoid significant negative cost and resiliency impacts. However, it is reasonable to assume that BTMS solutions would be applicable to other intermittent renewable energy generation sources or short-duration, high power-demand electric loads.BTMS research is targeted at developing innovative energy-storage technology specifically optimized for stationary applications below 10 MWh that will minimize the need for significant grid upgrades. Additionally, avoiding excessive high-power draws will eliminate excess demand charges that would be incurred during 350-kW fast- charging using current technologies. The key to achieving this is to leverage battery storage solutions that can discharge at high power but be recharged at standard lower power rates, acting as a power reservoir to bridge to the grid and other on-site energy generation technologies such as solar photovoltaics (PV), thereby minimizing costs and grid impacts. To be successful, new and innovative integration treatments must be developed for seamless interaction between stationary storage, PV generation, building systems, and the electric grid. Key components of BTMS will address early-stage research into new energy-generation and building-integration concepts, critical-materials-free battery energy-storage chemistries, and energy-storage designs with a focus on new stationary energy-storage strategies that will balance performance and costs for expanded fast-charging networks while minimizing the need for grid improvements.
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StatePublished - 2020

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See the Vehicle Technologies Office Batteries 2019 Annual Progress Report at

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  • NREL/MP-5F00-78703


  • battery technologies
  • behind-the-meter storage
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