Characterization of PTO and Idle Behavior for Utility Vehicles

Adam Duran, Eric Miller, Kenneth Kelly, Arnaud Konan, Robert Prohaska

Research output: NRELTechnical Report


This report presents the results of analyses performed on utility vehicle data composed primarily of aerial lift bucket trucks sampled from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Fleet DNA database to characterize power takeoff (PTO) and idle operating behavior for utility trucks. Two major data sources were examined in this study: a 75-vehicle sample of Odyne electric PTO (ePTO)-equipped vehicles drawn from multiple fleets spread across the United States and 10 conventional PTO-equipped Pacific Gas and Electric fleet vehicles operating in California. Novel data mining approaches were developed to identify PTO and idle operating states for each of the datasets using telematics and controller area network/onboard diagnostics data channels. These methods were applied to the individual datasets and aggregated to develop utilization curves and distributions describing PTO and idle behavior in both absolute and relative operating terms. This report also includes background information on the source vehicles, development of the analysis methodology, and conclusions regarding the study's findings.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages74
StatePublished - 2017

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/TP-5400-66747


  • altec
  • EPA
  • fleet analysis
  • fleet DNA
  • greenhouse gas phase 2
  • idle
  • odyne
  • PG&E
  • power takeoff
  • PTO
  • utility vehicle


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