Closing the Gap: A Global Perspective

Cammy Booth, Luca Corradi, Myrtle Dawes, Ana Pires de Almeida, Jason Paterson, Rebecca Allison, Iain Martin, Graeme Rogerson, Hayleigh Barnett, Craig Hodge, Steve Roberts, Alex MacDonald, Jonny Brattle, Yuki Kudoh, Hideyuki Takagi, Mohamed Elbakhshwan, Attia Attia, Ahmed Aboulmagd, Shahira Elkholey, Nicholas LuptonDavid Harris, Dietmar Tourbier, Paul Feron, Sarb Giddey, Claire Ginn, Chanti Richardson, Francine Wight, Metzi Prince, Dave Finn, Kim Coady, Theresa Rahal, Tony Woolridge, Lynn Evans, Bernardo Faragalli, Isobel Marr, Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Tony Roskilly, Joseph Howe, Jon Maddy, Lindsay Armstrong, Ericka Rios, Heather Campbell, John Van Ham, Bryan Helfenbaum, Lee Kruszewski, Aref Najafi, Martin Huard, Marcius de Oliveira, David Harcus, Tim Duff, Cormac Dawson, Leigh Kennedy, Miranda Taylor, Polly Whakaari, James McCall, Jill Engel-Cox, Jeffrey Logan, Ron Benioff, Karen Mascarenhas, Bruno Souza Carmo, Colombo Tassinari, Danilo Perecin, Edmilson Moutinho dos Santos, José Silva, Julio Meneghini, Suani Coelho, Philippa Parmiter, Rebecca Bell, Gareth Johnson, Lydia Rycroft, Rene Peters

Research output: NRELTechnical Report


Against the backdrop of negotiations at COP26, a group of internationally recognised research and technology organisations launched a collaboration, with the intention to identify the national and international technology-led opportunities to decarbonise fossil fuel basins globally. This study will evidence the opportunities available to players across the entire energy ecosystem. Governments and funders will be able to spread costs and investment risk, energy companies will develop a greater understanding of the global transition and possible opportunities to develop pilot projects worldwide, and there will be greater incentive to the supply chain once they are aware of the global applicability of certain technologies and technology solutions. Through the analysis and comparison of national energy systems, a number of Net Zero Deployment Strategies and Technology Priorities have been identified, that are shaping the direction of the construction of net zero integrated energy systems globally. These have been considered to design Recommendations for International Collaboration to accelerate the global energy transition.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages64
StatePublished - 2022

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/TP-6A50-84100


  • carbon capture
  • hydrogen
  • low-carbon hydrocarbons
  • renewables
  • technology


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