Concentrating Solar Power Program Technology Overview (Fact Sheet)

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    Concentrating solar power systens use the heat from the sun's rays to generate electricity. Reflective surfaces concentrate the sun's rays up to 10,000 times to heat a receiver filled with a heat-exchange fluid, such as oil. The heated fluid is then used to generate electricity in a steam turbine or heat engine. Mechanical drives slowly turn the reflective surfaces during the day to keep thesolar radiation focused on the receiver.
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    Number of pages2
    StatePublished - 2001

    NREL Publication Number

    • NREL/BR-810-29475

    Other Report Number

    • DOE/GO-102001-1179


    • concentrating solar power system
    • dispatchable power
    • distributed power
    • heliostats
    • line-focus collector
    • molten salt
    • parabolic dish
    • parabolic troughs
    • point-focus collector
    • point-focus solar system
    • power towers
    • solar concentrators
    • solar generating technologies
    • solar thermal technologies
    • solar troughs
    • Solar Two
    • Solar Two demonstration project
    • stirling engine


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