Coupled Loads Analysis of a Novel Shared-Mooring Floating Wind Farm

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Shared mooring lines are a method to reduce the stationkeeping cost of floating offshore wind farms; however, their impacts on floating array dynamics are not yet well understood. This article presents advancements to floating wind farm simulation capabilities that allow the dynamic modeling of shared-mooring floating wind arrays—specifically, platform coupling through shared lines and proper phasing of wave loads across the array. These capabilities are demonstrated on a 10-turbine shared-mooring array featuring two staggered rows of wind turbines. A baseline array design with individually moored turbines is used as a basis for comparison. Coupled analysis using FAST.Farm shows that the shared-mooring design has smaller fluctuations in surge when compared to the baseline design. The mean and maximum platform offsets are highest in normal operating conditions, but the maximum mooring line tensions are highest in 50-year storm conditions. Power spectral density analysis of platform surge and sway motions shows that the shared mooring configuration does not introduce any significant inter-platform resonances. The tower-base bending moment statistics and the line tension damage equivalent loads indicate no consequential differences in turbine loading or mooring fatigue life. Anchor load analysis shows that the total required anchor capacity for the shared-mooring array is decreased by approximately 25% when shared anchors are used. Dynamic simulations of the shared mooring system under line failures show that remaining line tensions stay within bounds and that offsets are significantly smaller when compared to the baseline design. Overall, the results show that shared moorings do not introduce any dynamic response concerns in this floating wind array design.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number120513
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JournalApplied Energy
StatePublished - 2023

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  • Dynamic analysis
  • Floating wind
  • Offshore wind
  • Shared moorings


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