Development of an Integrated Platform for Hardware-in-the-Loop Evaluation of Microgrids Prior to Site Commissioning

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This paper presents an integrated hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) platform for testing the operation and control of a real-world microgrid system prior to site commissioning. The proposed testing approach shows the value of setting up an integrated HIL platform to test multiple hardware devices (including the system-level controller, device controllers, and field devices). A test bed developed for the Borrego Springs community microgrid is used as an example to demonstrate the feasibility of the integrated platform. Comprehensive tests are carried out using the Borrego Springs test bed to validate the platform, meet the test objectives, and gain valuable insight prior to site commissioning. The selected test scenarios, initial conditions, events, test metrics, etc., are similar to those defined in IEEE P2030.8. The test objectives are to evaluate the microgrid controller and the operation of the microgrid. The HIL platform presented in this paper shows good value for microgrid testing in terms of its flexibility and scalability for testing various microgrids; its accuracy in its representation of the field; the comprehensiveness of the testing capability; and the efficiency of testing, which can reduce risks prior to field deployment.

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JournalApplied Energy
StatePublished - 2021

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  • Hardware-in-the-loop
  • IEEE P2030.8
  • Microgrid testing
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