Dissociated Methanol Vehicle Test Results

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    This paper presents the results of chassis dynamometer testing of a 1980 Chevrolet Citation modified to run on dissociated methanol. Data are presented on the composition of the dissociated methanol gas during steady-state operation, vehicle fuel consumption during steady-state and transient operation, and exhaust emissions during transient operation. During low speed, low load operation thereare significant amounts of unconverted methanol and side products to the desired dissociation reaction. Despite this, fuel economy improvements over baseline gasoline operation are high. Fuel economies of 13.3 km/L (31.3 mpg) and 11.4 km/L (26.8 mpg) were obtained at steady speed road load conditions of 65 km/h and 90 km/h respectively. Methanol fuel economy over the EPA '74 CVS hot start citydriving cycle was 7.74 km/L (-J.8.2 mpg). Methanol fuel economy over the EPA highway fuel economy test was 10.2 km/L (24.0 mpg). No work has yet been done to try to calibrate the vehicle for low exhaust emissions, but test data presented are encouraging. These results have been obtained in a first-of-a-kind vehicle that was operated with crude control systems that did not permit accuratecalibration of spark advance or, to a lesser degree, air/fuel ratio. Spark advance and air/fuel control were obtained with relatively simple mechanical systems.
    Original languageAmerican English
    Number of pages11
    StatePublished - 1984

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    • NREL/TP-232-2245


    • dissociated methanol
    • dynamometer testing


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