Electrochromic Devices Using a Li2O-CeO2-SiO2 Ion Conductor

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    Electrochromic devices using a new lithium ion conductor based on the Li2O-CeO2-SiO2 system have been fabricated and tested. The system exhibits a high transparency (near 90% in the visible and near infrared range), fast ion-mobility, and good durability. Various preparation parameters have been investigated to improve the ionic conductivity and stability of the film. Electrochromic devices basedon the new ion conductor were prepared and tested. The devices had a structure of SnO2/LixWO3/Ion Conductor/V2O5/Au. When operated at plus-minus 3 V, the transmittance (at 670 nm) of the device can be switched between 28% and 8% in 10 seconds.
    Original languageAmerican English
    Number of pages12
    StatePublished - 1996
    EventSymposium on Thin Film Solid Ionic Devices and Materials - Chicago, Illinois
    Duration: 1 Oct 19951 Oct 1995


    ConferenceSymposium on Thin Film Solid Ionic Devices and Materials
    CityChicago, Illinois

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    • NREL/CP-21714


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