Experiments: Combining Energy Sources

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    This experiment allows students to explore series circuits and the concept of an integrated grid. Students can work individually or in groups to wire together potato wedges, solar panels, and batteries to increase the voltage on their grid and light an LED bulb. Vocabulary of the experiment include series circuit, grid, grid integration, voltage. It could easily be expanded to include parallel circuits. This experiment could be done on its own or in tandem with the Biomass Battery and Parallel and Series Circuits experiments.
    Original languageAmerican English
    Number of pages2
    StatePublished - 2022

    NREL Publication Number

    • NREL/FS-6A42-82717


    • biomass battery
    • experiment
    • grid integration
    • K-12
    • NREL Education
    • physics
    • potato battery
    • STEM


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