Formation and Characterization of CdSxTe1-x Alloys Prepared from Thin Film Couples of CdS and CdTe: Preprint

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This conference paper describes the alloying between CdS and CdTe at the CdS/CdTe interface is a function of the growth temperature and post-deposition CdCl2 heat treatment (HT). In devices prepared by different techniques, Te-rich CdSxTe1-x alloys with x = 0.04 to 0.08 have been identified. We present our work on thin-film couples of CdS and CdTe, which can withstand higher level of CdCl2treatment without the adhesion problems typically encountered in the regular device structure. CdS films with a thickness of~100 nm were deposited by chemical-bath deposition on glass/SnO2 substrates, and CdTe films with a thickness of 300 and 800 nm were deposited by close-spaced sublimation. The samples were treated in the presence of vapor CdCl2 at 400 deg-450 deg C for 5 min. X-ray diffractionand optical analysis of the samples showed that S content in the CdSxTe1-x alloy increased systematically with the CdCl2 HT temperature. CdSxTe1-x alloy with x = 0.14 was identified for the samples treated at 430 deg C, which is much higher than expected from the miscibility gap at 430 degrees C.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages7
StatePublished - 2002
Event29th IEEE PV Specialists Conference - New Orleans, Louisiana
Duration: 20 May 200224 May 2002


Conference29th IEEE PV Specialists Conference
CityNew Orleans, Louisiana

Bibliographical note

Prepared for the 29th IEEE PV Specialists Conference, 20-24 May; 2002, New Orleans, Louisiana

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/CP-520-31435


  • alloy composition
  • As-deposited
  • atomic force microscopy (AFM)
  • auger electron spectroscopy (AES)
  • CdS
  • CdTe
  • chemical bath deposition (CBD)
  • close-space sublimation (CSS)
  • couple
  • device performance optimization
  • device structure
  • glancing incidence x-ray diffraction (GIXRD)
  • heterojunctions
  • homojunction
  • PV
  • solar spectrum
  • thin film


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