FRESA (Federal Renewable Energy Screening Assistant) User's Manual - Revision

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    The FRESA computer program, Version 2.5, provides an easy way to collect and process building and facility data to indicate opportunities for renewable energy applications in federal facilities and buildings. The purpose of this analytic tool is to focus feasibility study efforts on those applications most likely to prove cost-effective. The program is a supplement to energy and waterconservation audits, which must be completed for all federal buildings and will flag renewable energy opportunities by facilitating the evaluation and ranking process. FRESA results alone are generally not sufficient to establish project feasibility.; ; The FRESA User's Manual provides instruction on getting started; an overview of the FRESA program structure; an explanation of the screeningprocess; detailed information on using the functions of Facility/Building Info, Building/Facility Analysis, Input/Output, and Weather Data or Adding a Zip Code; troubleshooting; and archiving data. Appendices include Algorithms Used in FRESA Prescreening, Excel Spreadsheets for FRESA Inputs, Other Useful Information, and Acronyms and Abbreviations.
    Original languageAmerican English
    Number of pages64
    StatePublished - 2000

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    • NREL/BK-710-27943


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