Gauging User Interest in Non-Traditional Library Resources: NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Tami Sandberg

    Research output: NRELPresentation


    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is a government funded research laboratory based in Golden, Colorado. In addition to collecting traditional library resources such as journals, conference proceedings, and print and electronic books, the library also spends a significant portion of its collection development funds on resources not often found in many libraries: technical industry standards (e.g., ISO, IEC, ASTM, IEEE) and energy-related market reports. Assessing user needs for these resources is difficult for a number of reasons, particularly because standardized usage statistics are lacking or non-existent. Standards and market reports are generally costly and include fairly restrictive license agreements, which increase the importance of making informed collection development decisions. This presentation will discuss the NREL Library's current collection assessment and development practices as they relate to these unique resources.
    Original languageAmerican English
    Number of pages14
    StatePublished - 2015

    Publication series

    NamePresented at the American Library Association Annual Conference & Exhibition, ALCTS CMS Collection Evaluation and Assessment Interest Group Meeting, 28 June 2015, San Francisco, California

    NREL Publication Number

    • NREL/PR-3C00-64495


    • collection development
    • market reports/data
    • Standards
    • usage metrics


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