Greenbuilt Retrofit Test House Final Report

Bethany Sparn, Lieko Earle, Charles Booten, K. Hudon, G. Barker, C.E. Hancock

Research output: NRELTechnical Report


NOTE - This is the revision of NREL/TP-5500-54009. The Greenbuilt house is a 1980's era house in the Sacramento area that was a prominent part of Sacramento Municipal Utility District's (SMUD) Energy Efficient Remodel Demonstration Program. The house underwent an extensive remodel, aimed at improving overall energy efficiency with a goal of reducing the home's energy use by 50%. NREL researchers performed a number of tests on the major systems touched by the retrofit to ensure they were working as planned. Additionally, SMUD rented the house from Greenbuilt Construction for a year to allow NREL to perform a number of tests on the cooling system and the water heating system. The goal of the space conditioning tests was to find the best ways to cut cooling loads and shift the summer peak. The water heating system, comprised of an add-on heat pump water heater and an integrated collector-storage solar water heater, was operated with a number of different draw profiles to see how varying hot water draw volume and schedule affected the performance of the system as a whole. All the experiments were performed with the house empty, with a simulated occupancy schedule running in the house to mimic the load imposed by real occupants.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages84
StatePublished - 2014

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/TP-5500-61977


  • energy analysis
  • energy efficient
  • Energy Efficient Remodel Demonstration Program (EERED)
  • greenbuilt retrofit test house
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • renovate homes
  • retrofit
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)


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