H2@Scale Analysis

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'H2@Scale' is a concept based on the opportunity for hydrogen to act as an intermediate between energy sources and uses. Hydrogen has the potential to be used like the primary intermediate in use today, electricity, because it too is fungible. This presentation summarizes the H2@Scale analysis efforts performed during the first third of 2017. Results of technical potential uses and supply options are summarized and show that the technical potential demand for hydrogen is 60 million metric tons per year and that the U.S. has sufficient domestic resources to meet that demand. A high level infrastructure analysis is also presented that shows an 85% increase in energy on the grid if all hydrogen is produced from grid electricity. However, a preliminary spatial assessment shows that supply is sufficient in most counties across the U.S. The presentation also shows plans for analysis of the economic potential for the H2@Scale concept. Those plans involve developing supply and demand curves for potential hydrogen generation options and as compared to other options for use of that hydrogen.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages29
StatePublished - 2017

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NamePresented at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting, 5-9 June 2017, Washington, D.C.

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  • NREL/PR-6A20-68628


  • economic potential
  • grid electricity
  • H2@Scale
  • hydrogen
  • infrastructure


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