High-Tech Garage to Showcase Strategies for Reducing Energy (Fact Sheet)

    Research output: NRELFact Sheet


    NREL's new parking garage structure is proving that large garages can be designed and built sustainably at no extra cost. This fact sheet describes the garage's energy and water-saving measures, renewable energy technologies, sustainable and durable building materials, another campus improvements.
    Original languageAmerican English
    Number of pages2
    StatePublished - 2011

    Bibliographical note

    3/27/13: This August 2011 version has been superceded and updated by the March 2013 version. This link will now redirect you to NREL/FS-3500-58137.

    NREL Publication Number

    • NREL/FS-3A00-51984

    Other Report Number

    • DOE/GO-102011-3330


    • parking garage
    • South Table Mountain Construction
    • sustainability


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