Improved Heat Transfer Correlation for Large Scale Solar PV Convection Modeling

Sarah Smith, Brooke Stanislawski, Byron Eng, Naseem Ali, Timothy Silverman, Marc Calaf, Raul Cal

Research output: NRELPresentation


Simple changes in solar module arrangements in solar farms have the potential to lead to important gains in power efficiency. An improve model taking into account such variations. The same way that the wind energy industry realized that local meteorology and turbulence matter, the solar PV industry could take into consideration not only the effects of module arrangements, but also the local meteorology (i.e. beyond incident solar radiation) when installing solar farms. We just started scratching the surface of the potential improvements to be gained when considering fluid mechanics and turbulence.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages24
StatePublished - 2022

Publication series

NamePresented at the 2022 15th PV Performance Modeling Workshop, 23-24 August 2022, Salt Lake City, Utah

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/PR-5K00-83881


  • convection
  • solar
  • temperature
  • wind


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