LTE Electrolyzer Data Collection

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The goal for NREL is to collect, develop and publish performance metrics relative to low temperature electrolyzer installations. This will be done through the development of: Secure storage solution to house the collection of data from multiple projects Standardization of data to be collected and analyzed. This will be done using data templates developed with the help of partners involved with electrolyzer installations. Analysis that produces metrics of interest for all stakeholders Aggregation of results from multiple projects to view industry progress as a whole Publication of aggregated results in the form of composite data products (CDPs) Collaboration with Idaho National Lab and their work with high temperature electrolyzer installations will enable efficient use of storage and analysis tools.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages31
StatePublished - 2024

Publication series

NamePresented at the 2024 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen Program Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting (AMR), 6-9 May 2024, Arlington, Virginia

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  • NREL/PR-5700-89518


  • data
  • electrolyzer
  • installation
  • performance


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