Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicle Field Evaluations (Presentation): NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Kevin Walkowicz

Research output: NRELPresentation


This presentation discusses field evaluations of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles performed by NREL. The project provides medium-duty (MD) and heavy-duty (HD) test results, aggregated data, and detailed analysis, including 3rd party unbiased data (data that would not normally be shared by industry in an aggregated and detailed manner). Over 5.6 million miles of advanced technology MD and HD truckdata have been collected, documented, and analyzed on over 240 different vehicles since 2002. Data, analysis, and reports are shared within DOE, national laboratory partners, and industry for R&D planning and strategy. The results help guide R&D for new technology development, help define intelligent usage of newly developed technology, and help fleets/users understand all aspects of advancedtechnology.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages29
StatePublished - 2014

Publication series

NamePresented at the Department of Energy (DOE) 2014 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting, 16-20 June 2014, Washington, D.C.

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/PR-5400-61895


  • 2014 AMR
  • advanced technology
  • annual merit reviews
  • data collection and analysis
  • field evaluation
  • heavy-duty vehicles
  • medium-duty vehicles


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