Modeling Simultaneous Particle Shrinkage, Dissolution and Breakage Using the Modified Moving Grid Technique

Simon Tiong, Firnaaz Ahamed, Hariswaran Sitaraman, Suet Leong, Yong Ho

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Simultaneous shrinkage, dissolution and breakage are important particle size reduction phenomena that characterize processes like the reactive degradation of solid chemicals. The dynamics of the particle size distribution (PSD) for such processes are non-trivial to model due to the number expending processes brought about by the eventual dissolution of particles. To this end, Population Balance Model (PBM) resolved through the sectional techniques is the natural approach. Here, we introduce a modified Moving Grid technique (m-MGT) to accurately resolve the particle size reduction phenomena. Our technique mimics the perpetual particle shrinkage through a continuously left-moving size grid and incorporates a strategic grid removal routine to capture the disappearance of particles. Coupled with the Fixed Pivot (FP) discretization for breakage, our m-MGT not only preserves the moment-related properties, but also benchmarked very well against the analytical number densities and exhibited a minimum of first-order convergence in all assessed case studies.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number118439
Number of pages14
JournalPowder Technology
StatePublished - 1 May 2023

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  • NREL/JA-2C00-85505


  • Breakage
  • Dissolution
  • Grid removal
  • Moving grid
  • Population balances
  • Shrinkage


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