Multi-Lab EV Smart Grid Integration Requirements Study: Providing Guidance on Technology Development and Demonstration

Andrew Meintz, Anthony Markel, Keith Hardy, Bo Chen, Theodore Bohn, John Smart, Don Scoffield, Rob Hovsapian, Samveg Saxena, Jason MacDonald, Silla Kiliccote, Keith Kahl, Richard Pratt

Research output: NRELTechnical Report


This report discusses the current state of the energy and transportation systems, followed by a summary of some vehicle grid integration (VGI) scenarios and opportunities. It adds to the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) role to propel the development and deployment of science and technology to address the nation's future energy challenges by including the integration of renewables and interactions between the smart electricity grid of the future and the evolution of electrified transportation. There are expectations that electrified vehicles can be an integral part of the smart, renewable electricity grid of the future. To work toward understanding this potential, a collaboration among six national laboratories leverages core expertise to define plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) grid integration scenarios and suggest the opportunities they support along with the necessary system implementation requirements. These laboratories include the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This report details the current efforts to create foundational interface standards, and it presents the requirements for enabling PEVs as a grid resource. It summarizes existing technology demonstrations that include vehicle to grid functions. The report also includes a data-based discussion on the magnitude and variability of PEVs as a grid resource, followed by an overview of existing simulation tools that can be used to explore the expansion of VGI to larger grid functions that might offer system and customer value. The document concludes with a summary of the requirements and potential action items that would support greater adoption of VGI.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages91
StatePublished - 2015

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/TP-5400-63963


  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • NREL
  • PEV
  • plug-in electric vehicles
  • vehicle grid integration


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