Multi-Level Optimal Power Flow Solver in Large Distribution Networks

Xinyang Zhou, Yue Chen, Zhiyuan Liu, Changhong Zhao, Lijun Chen

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Solving optimal power flow (OPF) problems for large distribution networks incurs high computational complexity. We consider a large multi-phase distribution network of tree topology with a deep penetration of active devices. We divide the network into collaborating areas featuring subtree topology and subareas featuring subsubtree topology. We design a multilevel implementation of the primal-dual gradient algorithm to solve the voltage regulation OPF problems while preserving nodal voltage information and topological information within areas and subareas. Numerical results on a 4, 521-node system verify that the proposed algorithm can significantly improve the computational speed without compromising any optimality.


Conference2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids, SmartGridComm 2020
Country/TerritoryUnited States

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See NREL/CP-5D00-77786 for preprint

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  • NREL/CP-5D00-79161


  • distributed algorithms
  • gradient methods
  • large-scale systems
  • privacy preservation
  • voltage control


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