Nanostructured and Photoelectrochemical Systems for Solar Photon Conversion: Series on Photoconversion of Solar Energy: Volume 3

Mary Archer, Arthur Nozik

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In this book, expert authors describe advanced solar photon conversion approaches that promise highly efficient photovoltaic and photoelectrochemical cells with sophisticated architectures on the one hand, and plastic photovoltaic coatings that are inexpensive enough to be disposable on the other. Their leitmotifs include light-induced exciton generation, junction architectures that lead to efficient exciton dissociation, and charge collection by percolation through mesoscale phases. Photocatalysis is closely related to photoelectrochemistry, and the fundamentals of both disciplines are covered in this volume. Sample Chapter(s) Chapter 8: Dye-Sensitised Mesoscopic Solar Cells (1, 609 KB) Contents: • Overview (M D Archer) • Fundamentals in Photoelectrochemistry (R J D Miller & R Memming) • Fundamentals and Applications of Quantum-Confined Structures (A J Nozik) • Fundamentals and Applications in Electron-Transfer Reactions (M D Archer) • Fundamentals in Metal-Oxide Heterogeneous Photocatalysis (N Serpone & A V Emeline) • Inorganic Extended-Junction Devices (R Könenkamp) • Organic Donor-Acceptor Heterojunction Solar Cells (J J Benson-Smith & J Nelson) • Dye-Sensitised Mesoscopic Solar Cells (M Grätzel & J R Durrant) • Semiconductor/Liquid Junction Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells (S Maldonado et al.) • Photoelectrochemical Storage Cells (S Licht & G Hodes) • Measuring Ultrafast Photoinduced Electron-Transfer Dynamics (X Ai & T Lian) • Experimental Techniques in Photoelectrochemistry (L M Peter & H Tributsch) Readership: Chemists, physicists, materials scientists and hydrogen energy specialists.

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PublisherWorld Scientific Publishing Co.
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2008

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  • photoelectrochemical cells
  • photovolaic cells
  • solar photon conversion


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