Optimizing the Physical Design and Layout of a Resilient Wind, Solar, and Storage Hybrid Power Plant

Andrew Stanley, Jennifer King

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As wind and solar technologies improve and their costs decrease, the share of power produced by these sources will increase. As the market penetration increases, these power sources will need to provide grid services, such as dispatchability, in addition to providing energy. One way to reduce variability, provide higher quality power to the grid, and address local grid stability issues is through colocating wind and solar power plants. In addition to operating reliably during normal operating conditions, in scenarios with high penetrations of renewable generation, it is important that these hybrid plants can withstand production disruptions and continue to supply power despite prolonged resource reduction, extreme weather events, or other disruptions. In this paper, we present a methodology to optimize a wind–solar-battery hybrid power plant down to the component level that is resilient against production disruptions and that can continually produce some minimum required power. We introduce the models and assumptions we used to simulate a hybrid power plant as well as the design variable parameterization and specific methods we used to optimize the plant. We demonstrate the performance of our method by comparing a plant optimized for different objectives, generation outage durations, minimum power requirements, and power purchase agreements. Although the plant design is sensitive to model parameters and various other assumptions, our results demonstrate some of the optimal designs that occur in different scenarios and what one should expect when designing a hybrid wind–solar-storage power plant.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number119139
Number of pages14
JournalApplied Energy
StatePublished - 2022

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  • NREL/JA-5000-80423


  • Genetic algorithm
  • Hybrid plant optimization
  • Resilient power plant design
  • Wind–solar-storage hybrid plant


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