Preparation and Characterization of Vacuum Deposited CuInSe2 Thin Films

Neelkanth G. Dhere, M. Cristina Lourenço, Ramesh G. Dhere, Lawrence L. Kazmerski

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CuInSe2 is a promising material for photovoltaic solar cells. Thin films of CuInSe2 were prepared by vacuum evaporation of the constituent elements by the "three-temperature" method. Source temperatures rather than the elementary fluxes were controlled. The deposition set-up configuration permitted the simultaneous preparation of films with compositions varying around exact stoichiometry. CuInSe2 thin films with indium concentrations of ±3 at.% around stoichiometry had predominantly chalcopyrite structure with {112} crystallographic texture. These films were p-type, with resistivities of 2 × 10-2 - 27 Ω cm, carrier concentrations of 1 × 1018 - 4 × 1020 cm-3 and Hall mobilities of 0.2 - 2 cm2 V-1 s-1. Films with about 5 at.% excess of indium showed mostly the sphalerite phase with {111} texture and a small proportion of the chalcopyrite phase. These films exhibited resistivities in the range 2 - 9 × 103 Ω cm. The films with about 5 at.% excess of copper consisted of berzelianite and/or sphalerite phases. The band gaps of nearly stoichiometric CuInSe2 thin films and those with 5 at.% excess of indium ranged from 0.99 to 1.01 eV.

Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)369-380
Number of pages12
JournalSolar Cells
Issue numberC
StatePublished - 1986

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Work performed by Instituto Militar de Engenharia, Centro de Pesquisa de Materiais, Rio de Janerio, Brazil, and Solar Energy Research Institute, Golden, Colorado

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  • ACNR/JA-213-8056


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