Progress Update from the EV Charging Working Group (#982)

Stephen Frank, Rick Jennings

    Research output: NRELPresentation


    The EV charging working group (#982) was formed in summer 2022 to define the equip, points, relationships, and operational data related to Level 1-2 (AC) and Level 3 (DC) Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). Last year, the working group developed formal EVSE-related equipment definitions, where were merged into the Project Haystack documentation in November 2022. More recently the group has also been working to expand and improve Haystack definitions related to electrical equipment and circuits. This initiative is important both for EV charging related applications and to improve Project Haystack's appeal to other industry verticals such as data centers, commercial building electrification, and more. In this presentation we will share the working group's motivation, progress, and near-term objectives.
    Original languageAmerican English
    Number of pages32
    StatePublished - 2023

    Publication series

    NamePresented at Haystack Connect Conference, 5-7 June 2023, Nashville, Tennessee

    NREL Publication Number

    • NREL/PR-3500-86366


    • electric vehicle
    • electric vehicle charging
    • EV
    • EV charging
    • EVSE
    • haystack
    • semantic tagging


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