Short-Term Monitoring Results for Advanced New Construction Test House -- Roseville, California

Research output: NRELSubcontract Report


A builder (K. Hovnanian Homes), design consultant, and trades collaborated to identify a systems integrated measures package for a 2,253-ft2 slab-on-grade ranch house to achieve a modeled energy savings of 60% with respect to the Building America House Simulation Protocols (Hendron, R. and Engebrecht, C. 'Building America House Simulation Protocols.' Golden, CO: National Renewable EnergyLaboratory, 2010) while minimizing construction costs and without requiring changes to the drawing that would impact local code or zoning approval. The key building improvements were applying R-10 insulation to the slab edge, increasing exterior wall cavity insulation from R-13 to R-15, and increasing attic insulation from R-30 to R-38. Also, the air handling unit was relocated from the attic toconditioned space, and ductwork was relocated along the attic floor with an insulated bulkhead built above it. Short-term testing results showed that duct air leakage was low due to short duct runs and the placement of ductwork in conditioned space. However, during commissioning, the lack of access for servicing the ductwork and dampers in the bulkhead area prevented retroactive balancing ofindividual branches, resulting in significant differences between specified and measured airflow values for some duct runs. Thermal imaging results performed on the house when operating in both heating and cooling modes validated historic stratification issues of ceiling supply registers with high supply air temperatures. Long-term monitoring results will be detailed in a future report.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages45
StatePublished - 2013

Bibliographical note

Work performed by IBACOS, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/SR-5500-58086

Other Report Number

  • DOE/GO-102013-3913


  • airflow
  • Building America
  • ductwork
  • inside conditioned space
  • lower heat losses or gains
  • lower heating and cooling loads
  • residential
  • residential buildings
  • thermal comfort performance
  • throwing and mixing air


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