Spectral Solar Radiation - New Data

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    Several areas of solar research require an accurate knowledge (data) of the spectral content of solar radiation at the earth's surface for various atmospheric conditions, times during the day (air masses), geographic locations, and for the various seasons (monthly). Areas of solar research include photovoltaics, biomass, materials studies, and solar simulation. As one of its major researchthrusts, the Renewable Resource Assessment and Instrumentation Branch (RRAIB) of the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI, Golden, CO) has been developing improved analytical models, instrumentation, and data sets to meet the various needs for such by the previously mentioned areas of solar energy conversion research. This paper presents a brief summary of selected results of such research.References are given for detailed descriptions of the various individual areas of effort/research and new spectral solar radiation data sets. This research has been funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) under Contract No. EG-77-C-01-4042.
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    StatePublished - 1983

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    • NREL/TP-215-1999


    • data sets
    • solar energy
    • solar radiation
    • spectral solar


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