Tidal Resource Gaps Analysis Technical Report

Levi Kilcher, Kevin Haas, Alexandra Muscalus

Research output: NRELTechnical Report


The tidal resource gaps project was created to address a growing body of evidence that models underpredict tidal current speeds compared to measurements at a number of the top-ranking tidal energy sites. In response, this project compared opportunistic tidal power density measurements from 16 tidal energy hot spot sites with estimates from resource assessment data to identify discrepancies. To improve the accuracy of resource estimates from model data, updated data from eight improved model simulations were obtained. Model improvements included grid refinement, domain coupling, and the use of unstructured or nested grids. New resource estimates were calculated from the updated models, and these data were used to update the tidal hot spots-a list of promising tidal energy sites around the United States.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages27
StatePublished - 2023

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/TP-5700-86692


  • marine energy
  • resource assessment
  • tidal energy


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