Utilizing GEOPHIRES-X Beyond Electricity

Koenraad Beckers, Malcolm Ross

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The GEOPHIRES tool is a techno-economic simulator for evaluating the thermal performance and cost-competitiveness of geothermal plants for electricity, heating, and/or cooling. The tool combines reservoir, wellbore, and surface plant cost and performance models to estimate overall techno-economic metrics such as net present value or levelized cost of electricity, heating, or cooling. We recently upgraded the tool to an object-oriented Python framework, presented in an accompanying paper. As part of the upgrade, we enhanced the capability to simulate the performance of geothermal plants for heating and cooling, which is the topic of this paper. Specifically, we (1) integrated absorption chillers to investigate the performance of utilizing geothermal heat for cooling, (2) integrated a heat pump module to boost the geothermal temperature and thermal output, (3) integrated a district heating module to estimate heating demand for a district based on local weather data, and simulated heat supply with geothermal energy and peaking boilers, and (4) integrated GEOPHIRES as an engine in the dGeo simulator to perform a geospatial analysis of geothermal district heating feasibility across a large region (e.g., a state or the entire United States) utilizing resource and thermal demand maps. This paper presents background information and case studies for several of these heating and cooling end-use options in GEOPHIRES.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages12
StatePublished - 2023
EventGeothermal Rising Conference - Reno, Nevada
Duration: 1 Oct 20234 Oct 2023


ConferenceGeothermal Rising Conference
CityReno, Nevada

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/CP-5700-86994


  • absorption chiller
  • district heating
  • geothermal direct-use
  • heat pump
  • techno-economic modeling


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