Vapor Phase Treatment of CdTe/CdS Thin Films With CdCl2:O2

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    A controllable technique for treating CdTe/CdS thin film structures to produce uniform film properties and device performance is presented. Heat treatments of physical vapor deposited CdTe/CdS thin films were carried out in an atmosphere containing CdCl/sub 2/ vapor and air, or mixtures of AR and O/sub 2/. The heat treatment reactor permitted independent control over the reaction temperature andthe CdCl/sub 2/ source temperature, hence CdCl/sub 2/ vapor phase concentration at the CdTe surface. Modelling of the thermal and mass transfer for the reactor geometry shows that at total pressure of 1 atmosphere of air, the CdCl/sub 2/ equilibrium concentration over the CdTe surface is established in less than 2 seconds and varies from 1.3 mtorr at 380 deg. C to 32.7 mtorr at 450 deg. C. Theeffects of treatment conditions on interdiffusion, grain coalescence, and device operation are presented. Devices with efficiency greater than 11% were obtained for treatment with a CdCl/sub 2/ partial pressure of 9 mtorr in the temperature range 420-430 deg. C and at oxygen partial pressures from 8 mtorr to 570 torr.
    Original languageAmerican English
    Number of pages4
    StatePublished - 1996
    EventTwenty Fifth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference - Washington, D.C.
    Duration: 13 May 199617 May 1996


    ConferenceTwenty Fifth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference
    CityWashington, D.C.

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    Work performed by the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware

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    • NREL/CP-22402


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