Verification and Validation of Model-Scale Turbine Performance and Control Strategies for the IEA Wind 15 MW Reference Wind Turbine

Nicole Mendoza, Amy Robertson, Alan Wright, Jason Jonkman, Lu Wang, Roger Bergua, Tri Ngo, Tuhin Das, Mohammad Odeh, Kazi Mohsin, Francesc Flavia, Benjamin Child, Galih Bangga, Matthew Fowler, Andrew Goupee, Richard Kimball, Eben Lenfest, Anthony Viselli

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To enable the fast growth of the floating offshore wind industry, simulation models must be validated with experimental data. Floating wind model-scale experiments in wind–wave facilities have been performed over the last two decades with varying levels of fidelity and limitations. However, the turbine controls in these experiments have considered only limited control strategies and implementations. To allow for control co-design, this research focuses on implementing and experimentally validating more advanced turbine control actions and strategies in a wind–wave basin for a 1:70-scale model of the International Energy Agency’s wind 15 MW reference wind turbine. The control strategies analyzed include torque control, collective pitch control, and transition region control (setpoint smoothing). Our experimental and numerical results include the effects of varying rotor speeds, blade pitches, and wind environments on the turbine thrust and torque. Numerical models from three different software tools are presented and compared to the experimental results. Their ability to effectively represent the aero-dynamic response of the wind turbine to the control actions is successfully validated. Finally, turbine controller tuning parameters based on the derivatives of thrust and torque are derived to allow for improved offshore wind turbine dynamics and to validate the ability of modeling tools to model the dynamics of floating offshore wind turbines with control co-design.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number7649
Number of pages25
Issue number20
StatePublished - 2022

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  • NREL/JA-5000-82452


  • control co-design
  • floating offshore wind turbine
  • IEA wind 15 MW reference wind turbine
  • model-scale turbine control
  • offshore wind turbine control
  • offshore wind turbine dynamics


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