WindPACT Reference Wind Turbines

Katherine Dykes, Jennifer Rinker

Research output: NRELTechnical Report


To fully understand how loads and turbine cost scale with turbine size, it is necessary to have identical turbine models that have been scaled to different rated powers. The report presents the WindPACT baseline models, which are a series of four baseline models that were designed to facilitate investigations into the scalings of loads and turbine cost with size. The models have four different rated powers (750 kW, 1.5 MW, 3.0 MW, and 5.0 MW), and each model was designed to its specified rated power using the same design methodology. The models were originally implemented in FAST_AD, the predecessor to NREL's open-source wind turbine simulator FAST, but have yet to be implemented in FAST. This report contains the specifications for all four WindPACT baseline models - including structural, aerodynamic, and control specifications - along with the inherent assumptions and equations that were used to calculate the model parameters. It is hoped that these baseline models will serve as extremely useful resources for investigations into the scalings of costs, loads, or optimization routines.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages31
StatePublished - 2018

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/TP-5000-67667


  • FAST
  • modeling
  • reference wind turbines
  • wind energy
  • wind power
  • WindPACT


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