World Photovoltaic Scale: An International Reference Cell Calibration Program

C. R. Osterwald, S. Anevsky, K. Bücher, A. K. Barua, P. Chaudhuri, J. Dubard, K. Emery, B. Hansen, D. King, J. Metzdorf, F. Nagamine, R. Shimokawa, Y. X. Wang, T. Wittchen, W. Zaaiman, A. Zastrow, J. Zhang

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This paper describes the World Photovoltaic Scale (WPVS) international reference cell calibration program. The WPVS provides a scale for PV performance measurements that has been established through round-robin calibration of a group of primary monocrystalline Si reference cells and is traceable to Systeme International (SI) units. Procedures for recalibration of the reference cell group have been devised, along with procedures for admittance and calibration of new reference cells. A reference cell package has been designed that meets the unique needs of the WPVS. It is hoped that the existing WPVS group will eventually be replaced with cells of the new design that have passed a comprehensive acceptance-test procedure.

NREL Publication Number

  • NREL/JA-520-25602


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